"A soulmate is not one who appears with star stuck eyes, but the person who holds up the mirror for you to reflect yourself on ; the person who speaks to your heart and antagonize you so intensely that you are magnetized to him or her. " - Anonymous

We went to the Bird Park the other day. =) =)

And off we go....

The restuarant we dined at...

Fixtures in the restuarant... Handmade metal figurines!

The Restaurant was famous for Bongo Burgers!!!

But we chose to try the Giant Cheese dog and the pasta instead.

Yummy... =)

After lunch, we went to visit the penguins first.

Penguin Enclosure.

A penguin playing dead. It was motionless for at least a good 20 mins!

And the rest of the penguins having a conference in their tux. =p
Feeding time!

Flamingo Lake....

This PARROT is very violent! We passed him a brochure and....

It tore up the brochure screeching : "Set me free... Set me free."
(I'm just kidding!) =p

Wooo~ a vintage styled phone booth!


Pretty waterfalls...

Weeee~ Me Tarzan wannabe! =p

A HUGE pelican trying out the latest YOGA moves.. =p

Taking a break from all the walking.

WAH!!!! Look what I discovered?!
Or rather What I was pretending to discover!


A pretty Lory upclose and personal!

And the tour guide of the day is....

"Do I look like I give a HOOT about what you think?!" =p

Till the next trip~ =)