I got this forwarded email from a kind man and his wife today. It really touches my heart. I am doing ok, trying to "recover" from this COPYCAT ISSUE which is about someone whom befriended me for the very INTENTION of copying me!!!!

All names are removed to protect these kind people.....


Dear XXXXXXX and wife, I am so very very touched by your kind words especially since this copycat has removed all items are DIRECT replicas of my items. Those items she left for people to see are not the direct replicas which I am angry about.
I am not "supposed" to be angry. BUT I WANT HER TO STOP COPYING from now onwards after she returned from her trip on 4th September 2008.


Quote of the day: " Envy is that dislike the inferior has for its superiority." - Kant, the theory of moral sentiments.

And if you feel inferior then work on YOUR CONFIDENCE.

P/s: YOU ARE NOT ENVIED BY ANYONE NOT EVEN BY FELLOW BEADERS. YOU ARE PITIED ESPECIALLY SO BY ME!!!! I truly truly PITY someone hiding behind her computer screen copying my every single move. And if so, when I go take a leak, do you need to follow too?