I titled this post : I GAVE BIRTH TO A COPYCAT!!!!!

wahhahahahhaa..... I didn't know I had been "pregnant" for so long! Anyhow I wrote this post yesterday and posted it on my beading site : http://angelicious-creations.blogspot.com

Here's the full story:

TO : All my fellow beaders and customers who have been telling me about a certain website which has been blatantly copying me.

This is the email which I have emailed to the copycat. ( WHOM HAPPENS TO BE MY STUDENT.)


I have been trying to ignore this but it seems like things have gotten out of hand, so much so that MY designs that are released by today would be on her site 2 days later.

I am writing this with a very HEAVY HEART!

I have had a lot of complains from my buyers that AA copies BLATANTLY from me and I am very disappointed to find out that it is actually MY OWN STUDENT who is doing so. I hope that she would understand the need to respect an artist's designs and also also respect copyrights. As much as she dislikes anyone else to copy her, I hope she would also respect me.

Even the display and way of photography is copied, which is like she has no business frame or business model herself.

Teaching lessons is one thing, students have learnt the skills and they can extend your knowledge from there. But to MASSIVELY replicate and copy my original designs is another issue. All students can use their skills to make items that are specially known to their brand. But not to learn my skills and copy me extensively to the extend that even the beads and charms used are pieced together in the exact same way as me.

Please understand this : Learning a skill from someone does not give you LICENSE to copy or replicate their ideas.

While a I put a lot of work and time into innovation and improving my designs including new ideas and artwork please do not forget that all these have taken lots of time and research to bear fruit; for a designer like me credit for my work is more than often the only thing I will ever receive, please do not forget to give proper credit where it's due, because taking credit for someone else's work is not only uncool and rude, it's demoralizing and will only be detrimental in the development of handmade accessories design.

Is this all about money? Fame? Is that all that matters to her?

Because all I ask is to be respected for my intellect and ideas, not to be back stabbed for the sake of money or fame or whatever it is she seeks.

You see, I don't care if you copy my work, as long as she CREDITS ME.

I don't care about MONEY!

I don't care about FAME!

I only care that my art is recognized as MY ART and that those who have been inspired will call it MY ART. AND COPYING AND NOT CREDITING IS WRONG. THUS MAKING COPYING ALL THE MORE WRONG!!!!

She of all people should know best because she interacted with me directly, befriended me and I shared with her openly about how things are done and I did not hold anything back when I taught her and shared with her. I did not teach her half-heartedly nor did I teach her partial knowledges. All this is because I believed that ART SHOULD BE SHARED but to GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT is due. I TEACH ALL MY STUDENTS SELFLESSLY. I SHARE OPENLY ABOUT MY EXPERIENCES AND MY KNOWLEDGE. However, there is a difference when you learn and you replicate your teacher's work and when you learn and you develop what you learn into your own art.

I mean seriously copying a jewelry design is as good as allowing your child to go to school and copy his / her friend's homework and then submit it to the teacher. BECAUSE copying is copying. SIMPLE AS THAT. Even when we go to school, our teachers have always taught us not to copy, because it is wrong. Copying a design is as good as plagiarism, in Uni, a WHOLE PAPER can be flunked just because we forgot to quote and credit the source of information. I am sure you know this, plain and simple! GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE, simple as that.

Do you people also know that not only buyers are complaining to me and telling me how much AA have been ripping off my designs and claiming them as hers? Even fellow beaders at least more than 8 of them are telling me that AA is also using their original ideas of promotion and so forth. They are also unhappy and the very next day AA changed her ideas and tries to explain herself online, trying very hard to cover up for her using their ideas.

My whole point of putting this whole issue up is this : As a beader, it is important to respect each other's work. I would say I would always give credit where it is due, unless of course I am not inspired by others, or I have never even seen another person's work before releasing my own pieces and yet there are similarities. But for this case : AA who is also my student knows of my site. She has seen almost all of my work whether on my site or on flickr, all of you can see her collection is a DIRECT REPLICA of my works.

A very disappointed Jacqueline

P/s: Xiaxue's take on plagiarism which EQUATES TO COPYING : Xiaxue

P/p/s: AND WHEN I HAVE MY WHY PAY MORE SALE, she has to have her worth the wait sale just 2 days later after I release my WHY PAY MORE SALE. Worse of all, when I have a 3 pieces freebie giveaway for National Day, she has to have a "
submit your photos worn with her COPIED jewellery" giveaway and she will ALSO give away 3 mystery prizes. (I copied and pasted this from the email that a customer so kindly emailed to me.) There credited!