Today I went to watch THE Batman movie - The Dark Knight and amazingly, the counter lady asked me : "Student?" I was flattered albeit kinda "shocked". Muhahaha.... =p

The movie was the best Batman show of the various Batman movies so far. Plus Christian Bale is SUPER HANDSOME!!! Swoons~

Anyhow, when I came home, I quickly did a search on Christian Bale and......

He was arrested on assault on Sunday, 20 July 2008 . (meaning he was arrested for abuse! What?!)

Credits of this article :

Christian Bale Arrested on Assault

Christian Bale walks the red carpet at the UK premiere of The Dark Knight held at the Odeon, Leicester Square on Monday.

The Dark Knight star allegedly lashed out and assaulted his mother and sister at London’s Dorchester hotel on Sunday, where he has a suite. Bale’s mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, went to a police station on Monday to lodge a formal complaint against him.

Bale was allowed to go to the premiere but police in London were expected to question him soon after.


And the traffic jam on a weekday afternoon is just as bad as the morning rush. RAWR!

Traffic Jams = waste time + waste petrol

Random Photo in black and white

And so this is what you do when you are SICK of driving in a massive traffic jam.
Cam whoring while in neutral gear!!!!
p/s: Do a brief scan to lookout for any TPs before you start cam whoring!

Cheerios~ =)