Cervical diseases not only affect humans, dogs are affected too.

My mini schnauzer hasn't been eating well for days and often whine loudly when carried. Her kidneys were slightly swollen and I got so worried, I rushed her to the Animal Hospital -- Mount Pleasant animal hospital on Saturday. The doctor did a CT scan for her and took a blood test too. She did not budge at all. The poor darling is in extreme pain according to the vet.

On Saturday itself, she was hospitalized and operated on. Her womb and ovaries were totally removed. Now she is home and in the recovery stage. But it pains me to see her wincing in pain when we move her to clean her and brush her fur.

Her stitches would be taken out next Saturday. Hopefully she would recover well. Poor Annabelle.

And because I keep hearing about cervical cancer etc on the radio and then experiencing this with my dog, I decided to go for a full body checkup although I have been having regular PAP smear tests and everything is fine so far. I am still paranoid. The full body check up is tomorrow. Hopefully everything would be ok. =)

Till then , take care of yourselves peeps!!! Life is short, enjoy it while you are still able to! =)