Its time we hold our horses on 'cursing' the Singapore Government because of the rising cost of living. The official inflation of Zimbabwe soared to 2.2 million percent this year.

WHAT IS OUR 6% - 7.5% inflation rate compared to Zimbabwe's 2.2 million %?

Full article on Zimbabwe's inflation rates : News

An extract of the article:

By ANGUS SHAW,Associated Press Writer AP - Friday, July 18

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Official inflation soared to 2.2 million percent in Zimbabwe _ by far the highest in the world _ and has shot as high as 70 million percent in the past year for some basic goods sold on the black market, the state central bank said Thursday.

Sometimes its better to count our blessings. =)

Quote of the day : "When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." - Willie Nelson