"Mistakes and disappointment make the sweet things in life that much sweeter."
- Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005

RAWR!!!! I really really seriously wish that the stupid damn crows or whatever birds can stop shitting on my car. I really detest it when there are bird shit stains on my car. Why can't they find another toilet like seriously! Even a small speck of it pisses me off BIG TIME! Because of the acidity of the bird shit, even after washing and polishing and claying, there are still a tinge of yellowish stains. ARGH!!!!!!

Anyhow, the stupid internet connection has been giving me problems since Friday morning and so I went shoe shopping on Friday instead. ALDO is having a 50% sale. OMG~~~~ I bought 2 pairs of pretty heels and placed them in the boot of my car together with 2 of my older pairs of heels and a pair of sneakers, so there are no photos of the pretty new heels yet. =p ( I leave extra shoes in my car so that I can make a quick change if I want to. ) And of course there are other random things like extra sweater, badminton rackets , softball bat etc etc in the car so that I can do whatever I please on a whim. =p

My heart aches when I see Renesis in a not-so-perfect state (the stupid cleaned off stains). So heart pain!

The shopping trip on Friday!!! =)

Bigger eyes due to the false eyelashes...

Kissy kissy~ =)

Oh and I am featured on HER WORLD MAGAZINE 2 and 1/4 pages with one full page of my photo. ( I don't look the same when the make-up is not done by myself.) =p Its in their latest August 2008 issue. =) =) That is the best news so far this week other than the 2 new pairs of shoes. I have a severe shoe fetish. =p hahahhahaa..... But we'll do better next week. =) I'm looking forward to the new week ahead!

Photos from the Her World Photo shoot which occurred in June 2008. =)

Make-up artist and art director doing minor adjustments for me before the shooting begins.

Briefing me on how to pose and the camera man is adjusting the lighting.

Re-adjusting my hair and fixing the hem of the dress.

More touching up...

And pose....

And on print...

Featured on Her World