Ok its THAT time of the year again....

If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, well, my birthday is just round the corner. =) And I'm not too sure whether it's a good thing or bad. =p

Anyhow, I received some of my presents....

Sent by mail all the way from USA. Thank you sweeties.. =)

Just after a spa session, also a birthday treat. =)

The spa room.

Birthday lunch at the Equinox.

View from the 70th storey.

City Skyline of Singapore.

City Skyline of Singapore.

With my birthday just round the corner, the inevitable feeling of aging has finally caught up to me. Which leads me to my thoughts: I'm another year older, what changes does that bring to my life? Has the past year been good? How can I improve upon my life?

Well, to be frank, I am -contented- with MOST parts of my life. Let's put it in perspective. A handsome beemer, renovation of my condominium, great friends and company that I've met through Angelicious Creations, and most importantly, the immense joy that AC has given me in being able to express my ideas and love in my accessories =)

Nevertheless, some areas go unfulfilled. One such area pertains to the designs I have for AC. I feel many urges to improve upon my current designs and this is one thing that I haven't been able to accomplish in the past year! As such, with a -promise- to all of you, I will guarantee more wonderful designs and ideas that are interesting and a refreshing change! Even right now, I am tampering with several "experiments" in hope of accomplishing what I would call a breakthrough in my beading career! Stay excited and keep looking out for it!

As for my personal life, well, I am good. Probably completely over the abuse now, but well, you know scars never completely heal. With people to support and encourage me, life is just that much easier to get by! With ups and downs, of course. Such as being constantly stressed by my couriers and managers by incessant nagging and inefficiency. I might have to hire new supporting cast! (*winks) Some of the AC crew aren't as efficient as I would like them to be. Not only from within, but from without! So much stress from stalkers who seem to be intent on going where I've been, also with vain attempts to mirror my every move! (not to mention even the font I use). In fact, I am planning a holiday in the near future to try and get away from some of the stress that entails business. At the moment, it's probably going to be New York, then to Venice for a romantic row down the aisles of sparkling water that is trademark of that fabulous city. Don't worry though, it's still going to be a "semi-business trip"! I've set out plans to visit the bead / charm makers in USA and in Europe in an attempt to bring back to all of you the "Wonders of the West". =)

That said, it all comes back to my birthday. Round the corner. Truth, some people may feel old, some people start looking at it pessimistically, I've even heard of people who cry their hearts out just because they're a year older! For me, well, I'd like to think it's another great year to look forward to, and with much hope, that AC can make yours a great year too! =)

Here's wishing a happy birthday to myself! <3>