And as I was trying to figure out why my stupid trusty old Vaio laptop is so slow, I received my 'belated' birthday presents. =p

I have to confess firstly. I am 'plagued' with a disease. It's the very same plague that has ravaged the lives of many others around the world. This disease causes us to 'lose' our social standing as being tech savvy. I believe I have contracted the deadly virus known as -- SONY FANATIC.

As you have all known, I swear by Sony products. What better gifts to give me than cash for more beads?

The 'pretty' box was delivered to my door step via UPS today....

Vaio in Gold.

New Vaio.

And another gift in the UPS package.

A new black camera.

Weeee~ Handsome! *wolf whistles*

And a drawing of a Lambo... =) =)

Unknown to many, 'SONY FANATICISM' is actually incurable and airborne, much like Cholera and stupidity. And I cannot deny that this is a much 'lousier' buy than the new Mac book Air. However, to each his own. The gifts couldn't have possibly come at a better time than this!!! ( If you missed the whole point, my older Vaio is giving up on me!)

In honesty, this is perhaps the greatest gift this year, I hope next year would be even better.



*tsk tsk*

Till then, Cheerios~ =) =)