I have been contemplating for the longest time whether to switch AC to a .com website or letting it remain as it is. After endlessly listing out the pros and cons, I am still undecided. =p

Anyhow, the house is in a mess, I am in the midst of renovating the place. The walls need a new coat of paint, new air-cons has to be installed. After trying to repair the stupid "Sanyo" air con for countless of times due to a leakage problem, I have decided to just remove the old air con system and re-install a new one. And we have decided on the Mitsubishi electric one which has so many in-your-face adverts everywhere.

And I totally understand why Dawne is happy in her new career now. Consumer behavior is fundamentally part of psychology! =) =)

Anyhow, I'm holing myself up in the kitchen blogging while the guys are drilling and hammering and fitting the new air-con up. I hope it works as well as it says in the ad!

Oh and here's a new mask recipe that I have been trying.

( I only use it on the parts of my face that is dry. =p )

-Paul's plain yogurt
-Honey ( i usually use Manuka honey)

Mix a teaspoon of yogurt with half a teaspoon of honey. Smear over face. Wait for 20 mins. Wash off with cold water.

A mild mask to cleanse, nourish, and hydrate.

Till the next post .... =)