I'm currently indulging in some quadruple notebook delight. If you haven't the faintest clue of what I'm attempting to describe, I have just obtained my fourth laptop!

Here's THE belated birthday present that arrived today at my doorstep....

I'm not too sure why I need so many laptops. =p Plus, I haven't used the new Sony Vaio very much yet. But, I'm no longer deemed "low-tech" as per what these Mac users say, since now I have a Macbook too!

I have been closely keeping track of the international craze over the Apple MacBook. And to be completely frank, I simply cannot understand the level to which Apple is superior to, say, my trusty Sony Vaio.

To put this to the test, seeing if the claims, which have been passed by thousands upon thousands (yes, I'm exaggerating) of people in the world, can be justified, I have done the unbelievable; yes, I'm going to use an Apple MacBook of my own!

Now they say that Apple is a superior base for projects, especially those creative design ones, to be grounded upon. "Unrivalled in creative power, unparalleled in design technology". Well, I'm certainly not saying that I completely subscribe to these word-of-mouth phrases, but I am most definitely going to find out for myself.

And the verdict.. Well, we'll see, won't we?

Thank you for the gifts... You've been much too kind. =)

Tomorrow is Labour Day!!!! Yay!!! I'm taking a break tomorrow. =) =)

Till I have something interesting to blog ~