While beading today, I heard loud snores coming from my sofa. And look what I found????

My other cutie -- Baby Nicole

She was fast asleep on the sofa with her cow stuffed toy, till I sneaked up on her and snapped a shot. =) So cute....

Anyhow, I have been away from home most afternoons either teaching classes or trying to train my new maid. Actually, I have been driving my new maid to my mum's house to let her be trained by my mummy. Muhahahahhha =p *Damn evil* Mummy can train better i.e like ironing the clothes, how to clean the air-con, how to cook and how to bathe the dogs etc etc. Its very tedious to train up a maid to your likes because communication is a problem. And so, I decided to let mummy do the job so that I can reap the seeds she sowed for me. =p

Oh why wouldn't I train her myself? Because I am very lazy to show her how to do the household chores. =p

So far so good. After 3 weeks of training, she is getting better. The dogs are well-fed and very well taken care of. Her cooking is improving. Her cleaning skills and getting used to my daily lifestyle is much much better. =) I am very happy because the house is damn neat plus the dogs are happy too.

In fact, baby nicole likes to bully the maid. Whenever the maid feeds her at the wrong timing i.e 5 mins later than her usual timings, she would bark and bark and grumble at the maid. SO NAUGHTY!

And so, that was what has been keeping me busy. =) =)

Mummy cancelled our BKK trip for april because she is unable to take block leave and she has been bugging me to go to Korea instead. I seriously think she is too in love with Korea. =p

Ok my baby nicole is snoring again. Time for me to tease her ...... *evil grin*