I'm home at last after the 2 days of event.


1)Because I sold many of the items I made for the event at The Arts House. *big smiles* =) =)

Pic of me and dawne at THE ARTS HOUSE

2)I am going shopping for my CNY clothes tomorrow, yup I am abit slow. =p

3)I am also shopping for a newer automobile right after cny. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I si very happy! (We'll be massively test driving those that I think would fit into my category.) This makes me happier than buying clothes and whatnots. I am so so so so so pian tai..... muhahahhaa Anywayz, I went to test drive the copen with mummy and she simply told me that it doesn't suit me. Just because she prefers a fiercer car. lolx....

4)I have SLIMMED DOWN to the weight that I've wanted so so much. YAY YAY!!!!! hahahahha.... after trying super hard to slim down during dec 2007, which was such a failure. I have managed to slim down from 48kg to 43kg in 1 month. And my jeans fit me at long last!!!!*jump jump* Plus it was without any exercise!! Amazing! heh heh =) =) But I hope to slim down another 3 kg soon. *crosses my fingers*

5)My new maid is coming on tuesday..... having to deal with being maidless is like so so so so so stressful I tell you!

6)AC is selling utterly well at Raffles. =)

7)I am feeling so blessed.

8)I am getting used to the new cg. =) =)

9)I have been blessed with the very people who truly allows me to be who I am. (Taking my shit and all..... *tsk tsk* High time that I try to control my being so easily irritated.)

10)And I just received more new beads.

Year 2008 has been great so far except for minor irritations like stupid taxi drivers. Otherwise, I am loving 2008!

OH!!!!!! And I gotta tell you an occurence that happened today! This morning, after having breakfast at Maxwell Road, and while going back to the car; we witnessed the MOST unreasonable driver! Car A was reversing his car but instead of checking his blindspots and the back of his car, he simply reversed. And a man and his family was walking just behind Car A. Upon seeing Car A reversing, the man tapped lightly on the boot of Car A. The driver of Car A immediately got off his car, and started screaming expletives at the man who tapped on his boot. And they were arguing for a long long time. Which boils down to this: The man who tapped on the boot wasn't in the wrong because he did that simply to warn the driver that there were people behind the car. The driver is simply unreasonable and you should have seen how violent he was! *tsk tsk*

Enough of my ranting... I shall go get some sleep now... good night people! =)