About Bim
Bim is so HOT that 'he' is often away from my side. Sigh.... but of course, bim has been giving me excellent ROI (return on investment). Plus saves me a lot of petrol. The increasing petrol prices are a killer.

About Tanning
Anyway, I went to the tanning studio the other day. And after 15 mins of being "incubated", I look somewhat the same as before the tanning session. I am contemplating whether to trust the marketing strategy they used to induce me into signing up a package or to just stay yellow remain the same color before I felt that being Bronzed was IN.

About Love
You know, Love is such a weird thing. Some people can fall in love almost every other day week with someone new. Some people cannot even find one person that they are interested in. Others have such a long list of criteria for their potential partners to fulfill, that it is almost impossible to have such a "perfect " person.

The weird thing is the nice guys /girls tend to either have a partner who do not appreciate them or they are single. Its the trend this year for lots of de-cluttering, at least for me it is; so I would only keep nice people around me who accepts me for being me. =)

Ciao for now~

P/s: I have been dreaming of wc's words for the past 2 days... nightmarish... hahha =p