"If other normal people can live life adequately, you can do so much better, after all you are beautiful, adorable, smart and full of ideas!"
- quote from mentor

Jia you... Jia you!

I cannot deny that I have been rather stressed out lately. Getting a new maid and spring cleaning is making me so stressed and frustrated.

I am overwhelmed because while cleaning out the house, I found old written diaries and along with it old memories which reminds me of all the pain. I have been massively tearing and throwing all these old memories away. I am strong! I am a strong girl and therefore Pain cannot pull me down. If HE is for me then who can be against me!

In fact, I have everything I can ever ask for. I have people who love me. I am healthy. I have a job that allows me to explore and be creative. I have bimbim who lets me put it into overdrive mode when I am frustrated yet aids in me earning a substantial passive income. I have people who REALLY CARE about me and not JUST PRETEND to care. I have mentor who encourages me when I am doubtful. I have TT who cares so much about me. I have a beautiful home, a good environment. I have mahjong. I have my sweet dogs who rushes to cuddle onto my lap whenever I need to be reassured. And most importantly of all, I HAVE GOD!

Getting out of an abuse is very painful even if it has occurred long ago. Its no longer about the physical pain, its about the mental and emotional pain. But I can do it because I am strong. Who cares what other people want to say?

Pain cannot pull me down because I am strong; and I am strong because I know God is always there for me no matter what! =)

I know life has never been better than now, and it can only get better from now! =)