Merry Christmas PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to have neglected my blog for uber LONG.... I've been dealing with Christmas parties, mass mailing out christmas cards, customisations and of course MAHJONG.... OMG! I had the most fun time playing mahjong with "Bruce Lee -cum- Chris Tucker" and the owner of the infamous lift. muhahahhaha..... AND I AM THE WINNER... for once.... =p

Anyhow, I just came back from Christmas lunch and am preparing to meet Dawne to pass her a super late Christmas Gift.

And thank you for all the Christmas gifts peeps... I'm loving it!

And to PP, I UBER LOVE YOU, CAN!!!!! The cash rocks.... muhhahahhahha.... more beads! =) =) =) =)

Till after Christmas,
Love ya tons, peeps!