We spent the whole afternoon playing 'CASHFLOW'.

*RAWR* angry angry... just when I was having the upperhand, Mr Kumrad had to leave for class. We played 3 games in total and I lost the first two. We didn't get to complete the last game though. =p

Anyhow, Cashflow is fun! I bought the game like last year but we didn't get to play much, due to the lack of interested friends. But anyhow, it had been a very fun afternoon. I shall win you all the next time we play; and if I don't, I'm gonna "hoot" you both. muhahhaha.... *damn evil*

Anyhow, my stupid flu and fever is gone but the sore throat is still there. So irritating! I have prepared the bead batch to release this saturday at the Christmas Party. And I would have to start wrapping all the christmas presents for all who graces our Christmas party. =) =)

Shall go rest now. =)