2007 is coming to an end and I am ready for 2008. =) =)

In fact, I am excited for 2008 because there's so much to do.

2007 has been GOOD really really GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

2007 was a blast because:
1) Changed cars
2) Went to the zoo, botantical gardens, science centre. (yesh, I like to act touristy.)
3) Went to Korea and Tioman
4) Met the nicest people through Angelicious Creations
5) Claimed more people as Brudders. muhahahha.... YOU, why you win me at mahjong today....
6) Found out that my darling Harvey owns a Type R and a XK (Bro, I miss u tons la but your timing always so weird one... Ok ok, my timings always so weird... haha =p )
7) Went to super alot of events
8) Met up with long lost friends like Blossom, Yamini, Winnie because they came to visit me while I was at an event.
9) Found out that the Altis is faster than *ahem*.
10) Felt very very very very loved by everyone around me.
11) Found out that biting people is REALLY my forte. feels good.
12) Felt Free.
13) Felt very blessed by everything and everyone.
14) Am very grateful for all the bedtime stories.

That's about all, I think.

BUT I am most grateful for your absence in my life this year!

2008 would be even BETTER because:
1) Angelicious Creations would have a newer collection.
2) Angelicious Creations would be showcased at quite a number of shopping centres.
3) I think I have something else brewing soon.
4) I would be employing a new maid.
5) I would feel even MORE LOVED by everyone around me.
6) I have 365 days to lose the excess weight now... hahhahaha =p
And more would be added to this list when 2008 comes....

P/s: I'll load the Christmas photos before 31st dec, I promise. =)

AND the quote of the day by TT is : "You are not spoilt, you are simply very well-taken care of!" And indeed I am! =)

Good night people~