Morning peeps... =) This month has been packed with events so much so that I am pretty tired already.... last night I read up on "atas" water which adrine only drinks.... hmmmmm.... =)

Anyhow, do come on down to Zouk this sunday to send me some love..... muhahhahha

I am launching a limited edition series at Zouk, do drop by to find out more. =)

Details for Zouk :

Date : 18th November 2007
Time : 2pm - 7pm
Place : Zouk
Actual Address : 17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore 169420
Terms : CASH please!

There is no table numbers but I'm sure you'll catch me or drop me an sms once you reach Zouk. =)

p/s: this round the focus is on necklaces, there are quite a few very pretty ones that I feel like keeping for myself... =p

See ya at Zouk then! =)

My last day of preparations... i better "cook" up more stuff....