Every time after events, I feel super super tired.... =p Anyhow, I only managed to make 3 pairs of earrings today for this weekend's event... so SLOW......

I've got lots of photos to load from Suntec's Event but I'm feeling very lazy... hahahha =p

I shall get into gear and make more items tomorrow... =) =)

In the meantime, I just received my items from a spree I participated in, however, the size does not fit me. ( My shoulders are too broad for the piece... =p )

FOR SALE : Grey Cropped Jacket
Price: originally bought at S$25, selling at S$18 (mailed). BRAND NEW!
Fabric: Cotton Lyrca
Size: Free Size
Shoulder: 38cm, Bust 88cm, Length 42cm, Sleeves length 58cm
Remark: Thin Cotton Fabric
Color: Grey

Photos from the spree website.

The actual cropped jacket.

To own this imported grey cropped jacket, please email to angelicious.creationz@gmail.com.