Hmmm I'm feeling rather worn out this week.... I haven't been SUPER productive.... *terrible*...

Slept most of monday away, slept most of yesterday away that is the reason for me being slow at replying all your emails =p And today I am mass making new items because this month is full of events...

I decided at the last min to go for Yebber... even though much to my own reluctance...nothing to do with dawne ya, just that I don't like to do to too many events all within the same month... hahaha =p

Dawne just told me about Zouk event in November too... so I really need to get my lazy fat arse working asap!!! muhahahahha

Sketching new pieces now and watching another korean show -- "Jia You Jing Soon!"

I know la... all of you sweeties watched already on regular television, I very slow la.... hahaha

Photos from MAAD!!!

Dawne, me and Adrine....

Adrine wanted a "monkey face" photo but it seems like I am the only monkey here hahahha... =p

OMG... this japanese spitz is super cute.... I couldn't help it but to "force" this beauty to take a photo with me muhahahha... =p

Thank you people for making time to come down to MAAD.... Its been great fun serving all of you. =) And special thanks to Yamini, Blossom and Winnie.... thanks for dropping by.. =)

P/s: I have already arranged with the caterers yesterday for the food at the coming Christmas party, it'll be on the 22nd of December. Free flow of food and drinks... And for those who do not drive, We'll be providing to and fro transportation from the nearest mrt to my house. =) =)

PLEASE RSVP with me just in case there's not enough food for everyone... =)