Rawr.... still home leh.... I'm leaving in 30 mins for Zouk.... In the meantime, I am clearing my emails and K emailed this to me.... =)

seven things that scare me
being bored
losing my darlings
lizards ... omg get lost!
going for an operation
dying alone

seven things i like the most
cars... omg cars cars....
going on a holiday
learning something new
my babies
being doted on
fine dining

seven important things in my room
korean drama serials... muhahaha
walk-in wardrobe

seven random facts about me
bead from morning 7am -6pm everyday except sundays... madness...
like er LOVE to bully PP
takes the highway to destress myself
cooks pretty well muhahha cannot see right? =p
owns Angelicious Creations
Loves generous people!
Loves to bite

seven things i plan to do before i die
own a lambo...
treat lambie better muhahahhaha....
spend more quality time with my darlings...
set up a foundation for abused ladies (not too sure how though but every abuse I read breaks my heart...)
travel around the world
have a baby but I very fearful of pain leh how how....
spread more love

seven things i can't do
don't laugh at me... but I cannot ride a bike... =p
go out without make-up
housework... omg!!!! I can do but I hate it can!
sew.. hmmm i should pick up this skill aye
stay bored for too long...
stay angry at my darlings for too long
be very dependent on others...

seven things i say the most
die la

seven celebrity crushes
daniel hennedy
takeshi kaneshiro
daniel wu
Akon for his lambo... muhahahha
brad pitt
orlando bloom
Enrique Iglesias

I shall make my way to Zouk now.. see ya peeps!