Argh... my lzb aching back.... I'm so "ah soh" I know.... =p

Last night, I had dinner with adrine and guowei... and we had the most intense discussion over dinner... about FOOD! Just because Guowei is a foodie expert... hahahhaha and adrine wore these SUPER chio boots yesterday... Super chio and super hiao! Nicer than my guess boots and Aldo boots collections can... muhahahhaha.... (p.s : In fact they are just collecting dust in my stupid shoe wardrobe... *tsk tsk* )

And I just got home from the photoshoot.... argh my aching back... =p But I had fun! Sorry darlings, no photos because BECAUSE I was in tee and jeans and I look like a super mess can! And so, I decided not to embarrass myself... muhahahha

S. is the best in the whole world because she passed me the "Fantastic 4" dvd today. I know I know I am slow with the capital 'S'. But what to do.... =p I shall go soak in my bathtub, hoping that my aching back will be healed by the aromatherapy oils and what nots and then curl up in bed to watch the dvd.... heh heh... Life is simply great!! =)