I'm back from my guerrilla training.... muhahahahha..... This trip, we trekked, swam, snorkeled, sun-tanned... in fact, I am kinda roasted like char siew ( sun burnt ). =p

P/s: I am not in make-up in all the photos so if you faint, please forgive me....hahahha *winkz*

Pics of my Tioman trip....

The beautiful sunset and low tide...

Trekking at Rock Falls

Sorry if it scares you... but here is a picture of me without make-up
*yikes* I know I know muhahhaha..... Its your Halloween gift from me =) =)

Trekking at Rock Falls
My darling mummy... posing like a mermaid near rapids....

Going out to sea to snorkel
Me and my aunty's church friend -cum- travel buddy - Doris... This is my first trip traveling with them and it was SUPERB!!!! Poking fun at each other made our trip very fun! =)

At our resort
Err.... My mummy is pretending that the bougainvillea bush is a coconut tree.... hahha =)

Before we went out to sea to snorkel
Me, my mummy, my aunty, Grace -- my aunty's church mate and Doris

Me going down to the waters to snorkel.... before I went into the cold waters I was thinking ... "EM, you are super brave to go diving!!!" =)

And look what we saw while snorkeling ... A huge jellyfish... omg! =p

The massage was pretty good too... all in all it was a good trip.

The only issue I had was a daily war against mosquitoes. The mosquitoes there only bit me... no one else in our group... =p Doris was telling me while applying medication for me : "Your blood is too sweet already. " lolx.... I really loved going traveling with this batch of people simply because I am so spoilt by all of them... muahhahahhaha... =) =)

In fact I actually didn't want to snorkel at all but because all of them were so sporting I decided to try to snorkel even though I was super fearful of the fishes... =p

And of course throughout this whole trip, I missed you peeps... =) =) Shall go finish my orders...
tata people...