I just had lunch and I am craving for kimchi.....How... I'm getting greedier and greedier....

Here's something for a good friend of mine:

By Kevin

today the sun will shine extra bright
as it smiles down in precious delight
where everything goes wondrously right.

even the wind sways to silent perfection
and time takes a seamless meandering stroll
through forests nurtured with tender loving neglect.

misty moonlight swirls in our tea cups
all liquored up
and we drench our hearts with wine of
the sweetest kind
and try to douse our heartiness with yet
more wine, more wine.

as the waning moon shines still
more light, more light
just for you,
we relish the ceremonious formality,
belting out sunshine
and belting out sunshine.
today the world was made for you.

Don't be sad dawne, she has gone to a better place. Hugs...