I AM SUPER happy can... hahhah my mailbox is flooded with tons of new blogs to read... yay yay!!! =) =)

Here is one I like pretty much... Super cute! I don't know how to read chinese very well though but the pictures so cute!

Onion Head

I'll load st James pics later today I promise...

Here it is! =) =)

No crowd pictures because Mr Photographer wasn't there hahahha...

Ok a tame photo of 3 of us... Me, Queena -- our miss hot! and Adrine -- miss hyper! I'm not too sure what I am to them though hahahha... maybe miss naughty hahahhaha =p

Another picture which shows us being nonsensically mad... I was pulling queena's long hair and queena is in a "sailormoon" pose, adrine was just plain cheeky... *winkz*

We enjoyed ourselves at St James Powerhouse too... ending our long day with a super dinner. Hugs to the people who made my Sunday a super fun one!

P/s: And yupz I might be a tad slow at replying mails because I am going to the post office again... the ladies there know me super well hahhaha =)

And I wanna update you people on MR GUY. He didn't find any plausible solutions but he found alot of asinine farce. Anyhow, if you want people to help you esp in monetary terms please try to be more trustworthy!

That's all folks for now... =) I am in a hyper mood... lalala...