I very stressed.... because Facebook seems hard to use.... hahhaah so many functions!! OMG!

I decided to join Facebook at last, simply because everyone is telling me I si LKK -- Lao Kok Kok. Still using friendster. What to do... Join lor...

Anyhow, Christmas is coming soon. I shall list my wish list now... muahhahahha so that you all have time to prepare your gifts for me.... *naughty*

1) A new laptop -- hopefully the Pink Sony Vaio that alexis has *hint hint*
Though I not to sure why I need so many laptops at home when I already have 2 for my own use. Insane I know.... =p

2) More beads
This is turning into a terrible addiction... *tsk tsk*

3) Bodykit for bimbim
But hor, I abit worried about ramming bolts and what-nots into bimbim's body... sigh... better strike this one out.

Yup that is about it.... Hmmmm it seems like I am quite easy to please leh..... =) =)

K i better get back to finishing up my stuff hahahhaha =)