After 2 days of dizzying madness, I am home, in bed and nursing my "lzb" backache. I was contemplating whether to load leftovers today but anyhow, I think I better rest. I'll narrate a true life account to you people and you can discuss solutions k! =)

If MR GUY has no money, he got himself into alot of financial problems whereby IN THE FIRST PLACE, it was avoidable, and now he needs help. Would u as a girlfriend no matter how broke you are, find sources of money for him? MR GUY has poor money management skills and also thinks only in a short term basis.

Ok, you can discuss this over lunch, tea or dinner today! =)

Me? If I am the girlfriend, I apologise but I am a very practical person, I love with my brains and not only with my heart. I would help the guy manage his money from the beginning so as not to get myself into this situation. Or else, ask him to learn some money managing skills from the beginning of the relationship so that he can manage his own funds instead of being broke all the time. Remember, I prefer someone who would help me grow and improve myself constantly and vice versa. So, yupz I'm just very practical hahahha =)

Anywayz, here are photos from the butterfactory event! I'll load st. James powerhouse photos later... maybe tomorrow.. =)

Ok I look spastic here.... =p

Cannot see me at all... but adrine is here in the picture.. and also c, thanks for coming by =) =) heh heh.... did you spot yourself here?

I am busy packing everyone's items... and also you can see lots of pretty ladies hahaha no I am not saying myself.... hahha =p
After all of you left... I decided to show Adrine how much I appreciate her... A big kiss for Adrine who got us the space at Butterfactory... And I totally agree with you people, Butterfactory was abit hard to find.. because we U-turned a few times too hahaha.... We shall seek to improve and get easily to locate event places k.. =)

Thank you everyone for making all my events a success... I may be organising a christmas party for all of you at my place in December... do drop me an email if you think its a good idea, I was thinking of catering food plus inviting a few online blogshops to sell their goodies. Let me know if you people think its a good idea k... =)