A big thank you to all those who came yesterday... I felt very loved... =) =)

Today I would be at another event. Here are the details. I would be selling the leftovers at a SUPER SUPER RATE. I think I am pretty known for my mad discount rates... hahaha =p

Details are as follows :
Date: 7th October 2007
Time: 4pm - 8pm
Table no. : 26

P/s: I would be there with my "gang" hahhaha I forgot where I save the banner that queena took so much effort to make and she is gonna kill me later after she read my post...but never mind I believe you girls would make your way there easily. Here is a map for your convenience. See ya there people!

See ya later at St James Powerhouse people.... Send us lots of love, hugs and kisses k.... flying kisses are accepted too... in case your boyfriends get jealous... *winkz* =) =)