muhahhaha.. I am very amused.... People are forwarding their emails to me to encourage me... Thank you people... super touched... But the fact here is I merely seeked permission nicely... You know the funny thing is when you seek permission you'll kenna... when you don't seek permission also kenna.... Madness... =p

I know a few of you wanted me to post your emails on my site plus the fact that you are not fans of my site made it all the more credible. But people, I do not want to post your "love" mails to me and show it to the world. I simply prefer to hoard your love mails to me and then tell you openly, "Thank you!" I know I didn't do anything wrong. =) =)

No point explaining too... since you all were invited by her to be the judge... and more than 2 handfuls of you are telling me that I have not done anything wrong makes me feel very loved by you people... =)

On a different note, I am busy packing all your items to mail out... and then yay yay!!! Spa Spa... Here I come.... At last a spa session... woohoo~