Brought mummy to the best korean restuarant I know... DAMN SHIOK can... I was watching "Full house" and whatever Rain ate made me drool... haha and so, I brought mummy to dine at SU korean cuisine. Here's more info : SU korean cuisine

The ginseng chicken and the bbq beef is my fave. And after which we went shopping. Its been ages since I 'pak tor' with my mummy alone. hahahha I think the best way to show you love a person is to spend time with the person. And so, I showed mummy I love her so very much.

We decided to go continuously go on 2 holidays in a row. I am in the midst of booking the next flight out of singapore... heh heh... *crosses my fingers* I hope everything goes well, because mummy took 10 days leave to ease my holiday cravings.

I'm feeling abit tired today, my body is aching and I'm down with a slight fever. So weird, I didn't do anything much leh... =p

I finished watching "Full house"... ai yah, why didn't they make a 50 episode series instead? Rain is so cute... sigh ok ok I shall stop coo-ing over Rain.... hahahha =) =)

Shall go rest more.. so that the fever would not worsen... *hugs*