I'm so touched... so spoilt too... =)

Was craving for cake... any type of cake... and yesterday night I heard a knock on my door, so shocked to receive a....

Yupz you guessed it... A cake -- a peach mousse cake no less.... with a card saying : "To celebrate you for being Just You!" So touched.... heh heh =) =)

Thank you HG! =) hugs...

And I finished the korean drama serial - Sang Don, let's go to school! OMG!!!!! Its a super nice show plus of course a super CUTE Rain!!!!

Heh heh =) Adrine recommended that I go watch Rain's other show -- A love to kill. And yupz, I am watching that now every night before I go to bed... *tsk tsk* terrible! =p

Rain is so cute... =p ok back to beading =p

Here's the quote of the day :
"Your highest good may come from your deepest suffering." -dailybread