I is very touched =) =)

Received some e-cards from my beading students... awwww.... very touched =)

And a handwritten card from Ivy who will be away for a month... take care babe! Come back to sg safe and sound k! Enjoy your one month trip. =)

And a gift and a card from yung.... hugs I'm always here for you and you are very much welcome, am glad to be of help to you! =)

Just came home...Ate at NYDC, good company and er so-so food... had fun today.... I'm a happy girl... =) =)

lallalallalala..... ok I shall go finish my korean drama.... and its damn drama can... love here love there, Messy! =p

Making beads tomorrow and I broke 2 beads meant for michelle... sigh... I gotta faster finish it tomorrow so I can show her on monday I hope I will not have butterfingers....