Parents are the people who always protect their kids no matter what wrong they have done and they are the only people who would never imagine their kid having beastly thoughts, much less behave beastly.

Hmmm... today during dinner, I got into a convo which made me pretty worked up...

Eg. Your son and his gf have been together for awhile. Your son is abusive towards the gf and you know of it. Do you protect and defend your son saying there is no way he can be abusive because in front of you he "ACTS" normal?

If my son behaves in a beastly manner, I would give him such an earful, he'll beg for mercy. And I would bring him for countless psychiatric treatments till he is pronounced normal by a professional.

Some people "ACT" normal but they are in fact abnormal. But whatever~ heh =)

K told me something over dinner: "If you want to know how your guy or woman would treat you after marriage, look at their parent's relationship." Fwah..... ITS SO FREAKING TRUE!!!! hahahha...

Geryl is pregnant with her second child... congratulations girl =) =) Her hubby is the best in the world, because he helps her do all the housework while she is pregnant... so sweet can! Actually she told me about her pregnancy last week... heh =)

Hmmm... Come to think of it, alot of people I know are pregnant... =p To me, I think it is a happy occasion to be pregnant but the giving birth part is the part that scares me... I would choose the c-section way... oh...It pains me just thinking about giving birth naturally... I is very scared of pain one... I don't wanna feel the pain... =p hahhahaha okie why am I concerned about giving birth?? >.<''' diaoz... Anywayz, I am very happy!!! I finished watching "A love to kill". Now I am on another korean show rampage -- "Which star are you from?" >.<

I is siao, I know. =) =) Need to run alot of errands, go to the post office, bathe my bimbim again, rawr.... =p Mummy is taking super long to confirm the tickets for our trip.... sigh..... =p

Signing off so as to quit ranting.... love ya peeps... =)

Quote of the day : "Knowledge without common sense is folly." - dailybread