Ratatouille is such a cute show.... Remy -- the star rat in the show reminds me of my darling Annabelle... because SHE IS SO FUSSY over her food! =p =p Plus, it doesn't help that annabelle looks so pitiful everytime when it comes to her feeding time.... =) Remy looks pretty pitiful too when he wasn't given a chance to show his culinary skills. =)

Evan Almighty is a DAMN GOOD SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a MUST watch movie. The animals are so so clever plus the fact that the show is very meaningful too. 4 thumbs up! Well, inclusive of my toes too hahahha =) =)

My horoscope for today by friendster: "Speed will be an issue for you today. Some people will be going too slowly for you." hahahhaha.... =p =p Speed has always been an issue....

PS' carpark is always full can!!! Had a super hard time finding a parking space... plus convoying with mentor makes it worse... cos we needed 2 parking space instead of 1... =p

But I love bimbim.... after the polishing, 'he' is very handsome! =) =) TO ME, all my cars are guys.... because I love manly cars, fierce and powerful is my cuppa... but bimbim is not fierce either, bimbim is handsome.... awwww.... hahhahaha.. >.<

And I have been good today too... I made canes to prepare for tomorrow's bead making... yay! =) =) Would make beads tomorrow for sale and for myself... heh =) =)

Shall continue watching my korean serial.... ciao~