I went to the most breath-taking place for dinner yesterday... BUT! I cannot remember the name of the restuarant.. =p =p But I know how to drive there hahha =p I'll ask TT what is the name of the restuarant and post it up k. =) Ok he replied my sms... La Cantina =)

He asked to meet him for dinner in the stupidest way...

TT: "Woman, wanna go for dinner?"
Me: "So late then tell me... don't want la... lazy."
TT: "come le... let me see bimbim..."
Me: "WAH LAU... u ask me to go have dinner with you to see bimbim ah?"
TT: "come leh... u will not regret it one!"

Fine I admit... I didn't regret it.... because the view was AMAZING!!!!

Watching the sun set as we dined... =) The fish in white wine sauce.... simply FANTASTIC!!!!

And me eating... I look abit shocked though =p AND I know I know I need to go on a diet... =p

Woo... happy! =) =) Anywayz... if they have a contest for korean dramas avid fans, I think Adrine would be the champ!!! She finished the show that I have been watching in 2 days!!! And after one week, I am only at the second last disc... omg!!! Damn pro can... hahhaha =p

Oh Adrine is my new beading khaki check her site out : Adrine.

I miss bianca... she's so busy nursing... =p And Miss hot is so so busy with school... dawne is busy with her thesis, and I need people to sampa with me about beading right? So Adrine came into the picture... hahahha =p hugs this korean drama fanatic... =)

So tired.... =p and hungry.... opps... ya I should be on a diet... sigh....