Everytime I count my blessings, I count you twice. =)

Down with bad cramps but I am still happy... =) Rain is so cute!

While cramping I remember the times when I was hospitalised, TT sat by my bedside daily and read fairytales to me. I is so siao can... wanna hear fairytales... at my age too... =p =p

I dislike the rainy days but I think RAIN is so so cute! Awww... so cute... Oh don't get me wrong, I dislike rainy days because the worse thing EVER is to drive in the rain... I hate driving in jams, it gets me ranting and ranting... and the poor passenger has to act deaf.... hahhaha terrible =p

Rainy days are good sleeping days though and that is about it...

Yay... I'll be travelling again soon... and I would be bringing back tons of goodies back... yay yay.... lalalala... ok back to concentrating on the cute Rain! =) Ah.... my cramps =p