AI YOH!!!!!!!!!!!! I was about to book the air tickets for our second holiday today when mummy suddenly called me and said she had to urgently cancel her leave because her colleague went to give birth and would be on MC so she had no choice but to cancel her leave and take it later. I'm not unhappy though hahaha, so happy for her colleague. And also thankful our first trip is confirmed and she need not cancel it, though we might have to delay for one week... heh heh its ok.. as long as its not cancelled. =) =)

KB, hugs hugs... made me laugh so much today I cannot stand you! Crazy KB, he tried to give me his i-sibeh-sexy-look... wah lau total flop can!

hahahhaha =) =)

I very toot can, wanted to transfer money to dawne and I forgot to take down her account number. Then when i smsed PP and had no replies then I smsed Dawne halfway my stupid hp low batt... BUT I charged it this morning. My hp's battery is giving way because I always charge it half full and plug it out. Don't do that k people! It would shorten the battery life. And so I bought a new hp battery today.

Enjoyed lunch so much heh =) =) kept laughing and teasing KB... Plus bought alot of stuff... heh happy!!!

I think this event would make alot of people happy too... the items I made this round so pretty hahhaha =p I am not shy ya... =p

But really nice leh... hahahha =p

Shall not say so much and go rest now... having slight fever at 37.4 degrees now... I shall be a good girl take med and sleep early. No more korean dramas tonight. =)

Quote of the day: "One good reason for doing the right thing today is tomorrow."