Mentor likes springing surprises at me .... *rawr* don't give me heart attack muahhahha =) =) hugz =) =)

Watching a korean drama -- Fireworks... Love it!

I need to bring my babies for a grooming session and there are so many errands to run... =p

My grandpa loves me so much, he made herbal chicken soup to bu yi bu for me. I'm very touched by the old man's efforts and mummy asked me to bring grandpa out to watch "881". lolx....

Here's a little personality test for you : Personalities.

My result :

Your personality is Choleric Sanguine.

Doesn't follow through.Fickle and forgetful. Likes spontaneous activities. Makes Home Fun. Life of the Party. Enthusiastic and expressive. Cheerful and bubbling over. Curious. Thinks up new activities. Creative and colorful. Has energy and enthusiasm. Starts in a flashy way. Inspires others to join. Impatient. Little tolerance for mistakes. To you, End justifies the means. Born leader. Dynamic and active. Strong-willed and decisive. Unemotional. Not easily discouraged. Independent and self sufficient. Exudes confidence. Can run anything. Good sense of humor.

ok back to my korean show~ =)