I think I'm becoming really slow at catching all the good movies.... so far I've caught The Simpson's and yup that's about it....

OMG OMG...... I'm turning into a LZB..... muahhahhahaha

Nah, I was damn amused on wednesday night because its the first time I pulled out my driving license to gain entry... muhahhahhaha.... I look young *skips around the house*

Ok ok.... I am insane... whatever~ lolx....

Anywayz, I'll be running errands today and then we're going to shop for Alexis' new laptop... and she's most likely getting the pretty pink laptop by Vaio.... for those who didn't already know, I swear by Sony laptops. Its the best TO ME! I know i know , not worth the price, look nice not so fast. But well, its beautiful to me, easy to use, easy to ferry around, best of all, just slot in the memory stick from my sony T-10 and there you go... so simple and easy to download photos!

Ok, I don't mind a MAC but prob is I would have tons of issues using it... so nah... not for my LZB brain... hahhahha =p I'll stick to my Sony Vaio... =) I'm not getting a new laptop leh... Why am I excited?? =p

ok ok gotta run.... to the post office... =)