I want a pink vaio muhahahahhaha.... I think I am sort.... when we went to buy Alexis' pink vaio, I tried my luck and bargained for the new Sony T-100.

Remembering it made me laugh....

Me: "Brother, this one.. eh She bought a laptop right? So you can discount for me if I buy a camera right?"

Salesman: "Hmmm can, 7% off the price which is $699 without discount."

Me: "Huh 7%.... you see we so nice, anyhow walk into your shop, anyhow grab and buy the laptop. Cheaper la... *tries to look pitiful* "

Salesman: "Er ok ok best price is $543 after discount."

Me: "Eh... you all want to buy camera anot... he sell me cheaper at $543 leh...."

L: "Hmmm... you bargain but you not buying?"

Me: >_<''' "Er... ya I bargained for fun."

lolx.... ok I am siao.... muhahhaha Reason for blogging about this is because I am looking at the sony site... =) EVERYTHING ABOUT Sony is great, I'll buy everything sony if I needed those gadgets... DID you see the PS3??? OMG... omg omg omg .... *swoons*

Anywayz, mentor loves me very much.... thanks for the popcorn today... I know I am terrible... craving for popcorn in the middle of the day.... =) =) Yay! I am so loved...

And Q, dun faint... we love you leh.... dun die.... muhahhahahha =p

And Dawne's back safe and sound from her road trip... happening la... grandpa and ah yi is safe too, the typhoon missed them completely... =)

Baking class is this friday, Em and I are going.... Weeee~

Before I become crazier... I'll log off to bathe and watch the handsome ELVIN Ng on tv.... =)

P/s: My dearest bro -- EK, of course you are handsome too... hugs I love you! Congrats on the promotion in less than 3 months on the job! U the man! =)