My mentor is the best!!!

Any good property agent needs a good mentor....just like how any good student needs a good teacher...and mine is just PERFECT!

Anywayz, today's been a busy day... and I made new beads, only to burn my DAMN PRETTY beads in the oven.... *RAWR* plus I bubbled Alexis' new earrings... muhahahha I am terrible.... the oven temperature was too high.... =p

And mentor bought me lunch today to reward me for being a good student... =) =)

Bought a new game for my PSP called "Diner Dash" and its a SICK game I tell you, reminding me of how tiring it is to work in a restuarant... dashing here and there... and my fingers are so tired from playing only the 5th stage... yeah i know I am not very game orientated hahhaha... =p

Was reading my old old diary and I realised A was always asking me: "Are you unhappy?" Generally, yes I was often unhappy in the past... there was nothing I look forward to everyday... no joy in working... nothing... but I guess he never knew... and never would know.... I don't believe he was happy either... I don't believe he knows what really makes him happy... I believe he thinks that being less lonely would make him happy.... I guess he never found contentment from his work....

I don't think it is easy to find joy in working... I believe money is a consolation but not a joy... OMG... this whole write up sounds so emo... hahahhaha ok simple comparison ... I disliked what I did for a living in the past and NOW I am happier doing AC.... yupz that is my point of comparison....

To sum it all up : "None of us can change our yesterdays, but we can all change our tomorrows..."