Woke up at 8am... happily did up 2 pieces and was supposed to go farming ** p/s did i get this spelling right? **

BUT I AM DAMN LAZY can.... =p Fatty Anna is clean now, just took a bathe and she's sleeping...

I would go farm lolx...later... PLUS today I have a beading class and tomorrow another beading class with a darling -- Bernie from Puff Accessories =) I am quite excited to teach her because she can click with me! lolx... She visited us at the cineleisure event and we had so much fun yakking... =)

*rawr* Grandpa bought me bee hoon for breakfast, so loved... lolx.. by an old man too.... haha

Read Xiaxue's blog, ok I shall pledge too.... hmmm I shall detach all "rejects" I made and remake them into acceptable pieces. I have some accumulated rejects which I want to faint at my hideous works lolx.... And therefore they are well hidden from your eyes... otherwise you'll faint too... =)

I shall also pledge to yeah like how xiaxue quoted Miyagi that he would walk whenever possible instead of driving... Well ok, I would do that too. =p lolx... but because if you live where I live, ITS A DAMN LONG WALK into my house ok... hahahhaha peng.... but for mother earth and my truckloads of fats, I SHALL WALK..... hmmm or just hide at home hahahha... =)

I shall also pledge to save more paper... AI YOH!!! I doodle and sketch and draw too much *tsk tsk* waste paper leh I can almost hear you whisper... =p OK ok i try la, to just figure the whole beading pattern in my brain instead of sketching it out. =p

Lastly, I shall pledge to eat less, to conserve more food for others... hahha not sure if that is gonna work but I think it'll work well for my accumulated fats... OMG OMG OMG ... I have gained alot of weight from the excessive good food that I am fed..... someone pls I need to donate fats, FOC... if you want it, call 1800-fats-4-free! =)