Grandpa has been taken ill..... Its just a minor flu and he's making me worried with all the stuff he's been saying like :"I want to go see your grandma." (in teo chew, since he doesn't speak fluent english.)

And grandma passed away last year for those who don't already know. Saddens me to see grandpa say such stuff. But spending yesterday night and today with him, seems to have cheered him up. We took a walk down memory lane, watched a vcd together and I made sure he took his medications before I left to come home.

=) And not forgetting to do the postage. lolx... I need to send my bedsheets to the laundry manz... so ah soh I know but I have like 3 bags full of dirty bedsheets. *oh no!* =p

Tomorrow I'll be at a mini event. Its pretty sudden and I need to prepare items tonight. And I need to apologise to olivia -- a so so so patient customer. I'm so sorry girl!!! Please forgive me, plus check your mail box k... I have a surprise for you. =)

Yup that about sums up my day! =) back to preparing for items for tomorrow...