Crying Inside
By Mellissa Floyd

The way that I’m feeling is hard to describe
I feel lost and alone in this unbearable life
My emotions are twisted, my stomach in knots
I wish there was something to erase my thoughts

I do not like the feeling of not knowing how you feel
I don’t like looking in your eyes and seeing all my fears
I really feel so empty searching for the light
Maybe if you could please turn it on tonight
My head is all clouded my eyes full of tears I can’t hold on to this feeling for ages
I hope that is passes, maybe merely a phase
I am ready to be out of this daze
I am going to try to fake my smile
Maybe that will last for a while
If you think you see a smile on my face
Look a little deeper you’ll see I’m out of place
Maybe someday soon the sun will shine.

Is your heart broken....

Is it crying inside?