Today's been a very efficient day....

Woke up at 6am groggily posted the collection for today, made a few important calls.... and went back to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... can't help it aye, too tired, YET MY BRAINS are on the overdrive mode... =p Do you also have the same I-am-tired-yet-my-brain-can't-stop-working instance?

Slept for an hour more and then I jumped out of bed, packed the items that I must mail out today, went farming. Drove to Bernie's house. Do check her site out : Puff

I'll post a picture of one of the items she made during class today for you peeps to see later.

Supposed to print the banner today but didn't have internet access and so, I would do it tomorrow. ** yeah i know I am supposed to be pretty efficient today k... trying my best le... don't scold me... lolx... =)

Did more farming...

Rushed home to finish up some last minute wedding orders. And now I am taking a break from my rushy rushy day. =)

And at the end of a long work day I am having bad cramps.. lolx... But I am still in a happy mood... Watching tv, eating mango, blogging and shaking leg... This is life! =)