Made a new friend... lolx...

Bernie from "Puff accessories"... the funny thing is that the first time I knew of her site was because her daughter screamed at bianca at our December event at Cineleisure. lolx.. which was quite a sight. Bianca was so affected... hahah

Anyhow, yupz, yupz... more beading friends and beading khakis.. yeah! Happy =)

I think I am very blessed... life is full of blessings and full of nice people (except for those big fat copycats!)....

Heh happy... =)

Yesterday I was at Toys 'R' Us, looking for a "tumbler" so that I would not have so much stress sanding my beads... but don't have leh... =( Seen this "tumbler" on overseas websites but they are not willing to ship to Singapore... =p

Event is coming and here i am happily blogging WAH LAU!!!!! Haven't even prepared much... ok ok I better go wire my suncatchers... OH! And did I mention, I received suncatcher glass prisms in PINK!!!! omg... nice heh.. =)