WAH .... *fainted*

been blogging so much about copycats... like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???? Is it so hard to seek permission???

Don't EVEN try the "I-really-didn't-see" excuse... because it's not gonna work...

I had to call my corporate lawyers to warn a few before they credit me and admitted that yes they ripped off my ideas... LIKE I FEEL SO DAMN VIOLATED can.... *like being raped ya* muhahahhaha was telling queena...

Anyway, I am not so so so unhappy today.... there are alot of beaders who emailed to me seeking my help to deal with copy cats and asking what they should do.

Ok for one, beading is a passion but not when you just go around and use people's ideas. Passionate about copying?

Ideas meaning like my zillion ways to wear necklaces.
I SWEAR I will really go after you with a cyber parang and get my lawyers after you.

And also ideas like Edynae's wiring. PLEASE RESPECT HER... go seek her permission people!!!

Its not hard to ask, because we would be happy to share!

Ideas like Queena's handpainting on beads!!!

If you are inspired, just SAY you ARE inspired!!!! Haven't your teachers taught you NEVER TO COPY???? Omg... the worse copy-catter I've met to date is MISS JOLENE. She really really tops the list can. REALLY!!!!

The rest would politely admit and then credit.

MISS JOLENE is the LIMITS!!! Please seek permission, because if you don't.... WE MIGHT JUST GO COPY YOURS and sell at like $1 each piece! EXACT REPLICAS of yours... just so that you can learn your lesson!

You are not a photocopying machine so don't become one!

AND p/s: yes sony and phillips and samsung makes lcds BUT the style differs, just like we all bead but the styles are different.


P/s here is a sample of similarities. IT IS NOT SIMILAR its the same!

My older collection in Feb :
Mystical Flutter

And someone's

Why do we need to HARP on something before its credited? Why can't we wage LOVE not war?
P/s: If you are not willing to credit, no one can force u. And as for blogger, don't we all know HOW easy it is to just change dates? And also The hp idea originated in DECEMBER 2006, in front of a customer who asked me to customise on the spot.