So sick..... OMG... =p

Having tons of ideas in my head when i am so sick ain't good at all.. =(

THE EVENT WAS A SUCCESS... I sold every single piece and am left with 5 items only... heh =) happy... the designs are well received =)

Thankful for all the fans I have who have helped me grow in my creativity and art.. =)

Anyhow, SO SICK *whines* =) cupcake loves me most... and therefore am feeling much better... mummy sent me lots of prayers on sms.. =) so blessed can...

I need to run lots of errands soon... laundry needs to be sent to the dry cleaners, and i need to go for a facial soon.... =p need to plan for Timbre event asap.

Having a long line of successful events this past year is making me a SUPER HAPPY GIRL! =)

Ok too sick to blog anymore... I'll go to bed and rest.... =)