I shall declare "making beads" as my new hobby, fave past-time and the thing that satisfies me the most! =p

Made more new beads this morning... Haven't even started preparing for event and here I am making so many new beads... *scratches my head* and thinks :"Can finish using so many pretty beads meh?"


Sigh... what a pretty sight... Opps... did i say that out loud! =p

Anyhow, today is gonna be a busy busy day because I would be signing up for a new course with Dawne, buying some new stuff for the event and of course dinner with my grandpa...

Preparations for event is WAY TOO SLOW!!!! I think I would have to take the whole saturday to do up the suncatchers =p

And we'll be having another event in July. Its a one day event. Anyone interested to join me to sell your barangs? Do drop me an email at angelicious.creationz@gmail.com =) would email details to you =)

Ok back to making more beads... yeah told u I am turning into a factory hahah =p